Tuesday, September 7, 2004 – 3:06 am

Birthday – Version 2.0

(Note: Several more posts appear to be missing here)

Okay. If you’re all going to be like that, I’ll just let you all in on my DIABOLICAL SCHEME! I’m planning an Unbirthday Party, oh yes, a spectacular party that will be…spectacular!

You will all be invited – of course – friends, family and co-workers. The trouble is the Where and When. As for the When; I was thinking of having something on October the 29th, the weekend before I intend to go back to work. I may want to bump that date up depending on how I’m feeling, but the doctor keeps shaking her head whenever I tell her that I’m going back sooner than she wants me to.

(And if anyone has any ideas as to the WHERE portion of this little soirée, that would be fantastic. We could all meet at a restaurant and hit a bar later, or we could rent a small hall and cater the event for about the same money. Is $25-30 too much for some hors-d’oevres and some wine? I don’t…cater…so many functions…)

Mood: PAR-TEE!…..?