Sunday, September 19, 2004 – 1:11 am

Getting Off…My Meds

For the past week, I haven’t swallowed any pills. As part of my mental “recovery” I’ve basically decided to stop living the life of a cancer patient. The problem is, my body’s not quite ready to give up this lifestyle so easily. I’ve become dependent on at least two of my medications for normal daily operations, at least as far as I can tell.

I guess I’m just sick of being sick, but I’m going to ride this out for another couple of weeks before I really start getting impatient. I’m kind of just waiting for my body to realise it has certain responsibilities to fulfill – like digestion – that I would rather enjoy being able to do properly again.

Of course, we still have to take into consideration that I’m still within my “chemo period” until next Friday. It’s amazing that I only have one more week to go before I might start feeling better. I can only hope that my doctor’s prediction of “three to six months” before I feel “normal” again were wrong. (She’s only got 8 years of education and a decade of experience with cancer patients…what does she know?)

Mood: Ig-nant