Tuesday, May 11, 2004 – 11:00 am

One foot in front of the other

Ever get that sinking feeling like you’re in over your head? Oh man am I in over my head. I can only say that I very much feel like the cast of Star Wars as they struggle to stay above the murky water of the garbage unit as the walls slowly close around them.

Yes. I am geek. Hear me roar.

But seriously. I know I’ve predicted this before, but June is going to be bad. Assuming I make it to May. All the people who read this (hello!) don’t need to (and some of you just aren’t allowed to) know that there are things in motion that cannot be stopped, so just bear with me and we’ll all get out of this pretty much unharmed.

It’s kind of like my brain is mis-firing. Skipping on the tracks. I can’t seem to keep focused. I’ve always been able to focus. Now I can barely string two thoughts together. What the hell is going on? God dammit. …now I’ve forgotten what I was going to put in this post. Okay…you all get to be amused by….MY THOUGHTS:

When someone is tortured and killed by an American it is “A failure of leadership, discipline, and supervision.” When someone is tortured and killed by an Iraqi it is “A murderous and horrific act carried out by agents of Al Qaida.
I love CNN.

Mood: Propaganda!