This is the story of my Cancer experience from September 2003 to September 2005. I begin my journey as a 23-year-old newlywed: young and in love, working my first job out of college, making plans for houses and babies. By the end of the story I will be bald, divorced and heartbroken, but somehow feeling positive about living and able to move on in a strange new direction.

It is not a particularly happy story, and I’m afraid the ending isn’t so sweet, but it is an honest and open account of the mental, physical, social and even financial hardships that I faced as a young adult with Cancer. It is told in a retrospective, memoir format, to make it more of a story than a simple account of events. Lives will change, hearts will be broken, but perhaps something meaningful is gained along the way.

This story is for anyone that seeks to get inside the mind of a young person dealing with a life or death struggle like Cancer; those that seek to understand the unique challenges of facing one’s mortality less than 3 months since stocking video shelves and six months since getting married. If you think being 23 is just about having fun and living care-free, you should try having Cancer.