Friday, July 9, 2004 – 11:30 pm


Seriously. How bad am I at this “Off” thing? I can’t even update this damn website!

I seem to be really good at sleeping, though. Sleeping and feeling like a bag of CRAP. Next week will be different. I’m going to start feeling a little better, and maybe I won’t sleep 14 hours a day. I’m like a 12-month old – I feed and nap every 2 hours. At least my character in Final Fantasy is getting a lot of attention. If it’s one thing I am able to devote to, it’s hours a day on videogames, dammit! I even have PANTS now!

Which brings me to my particular topic of conversation. The idea has crossed my mind to join a support group for cancer patients. I decided a while ago – while I was still working – that this wasn’t necessary, as I had all the support I could ask for at home and work. Now that I’m off it’s just kinda…me…and family and friends. So all I’ve really lost is that daily affirmation of normalcy that is getting on a bus. Is that worth giving up the second Wednesday of every month?

But perhaps these “peers” (I really never wanted to be grouped with them, and I’m sure they didn’t want to be grouped with me) know something the many friends, family and coworkers don’t know. Some kind of secret coping mechanism to get through the second half of my treatment. Perhaps it involves chocolate.

Mood: Moo!