Wednesday, November 24, 2004 – 10:04 pm

Does Paranoia Annoy Ya?

(with apologies to Michael P.)

The worst part about getting sick is by far the thought of getting sick again. I don’t think I can even attempt to calculate the reaction to another six months of chemotherapy, plus stem cell transplants (if the cancer recurs within one year). So the last thing I want is the symptoms to reappear. Now, the only symptoms I ever showed was a cough and itching and – wouldn’t you know it – this week I started coughing and itching.

But let’s not forget I’m right in the middle of a round of RADIATION. This should easily annoy my airways enough to make me sound like a 64-year old chain smoking bingo addict. And it’s Winter now – snow or not – which causes dry, itchy skin.

So what am I worried about?


Mood: BING!