Friday, May 7, 2004 – 10:14 am

My Cafépress Order

Two weeks ago I decided to try out ordering merchandise from my own online store. I haven’t really put a lot of effort into promoting it because it was more of an experiment in case anyone ever asked me to throw something like that together. I was curious, though. What kind of quality were their panties? So I went ahead and ordered a hat (as previously discussed), a t-shirt, a lunchbox (because who WOULDN’T want a Chubbywookie lunchbox?) and of course, panties. Because really, the thought of printing and selling my own underwear was too funny to pass up.

So after waiting 12 business days like a good little boy (even though their website says it will take 5-10) the order FINALLY arrived. The postman made me pay $15 in duty fees, which was not the worst I’ve paid for cross-border items before, but still high. I thought to myself “This box seems a little light to be four items…including a lunchbox” but the address was to me and the customs report said “clothing” on it. Maybe they have REALLY good packers…

Wrong. It was some OTHER guy’s order. Infact, it was a CD that was SUPPOSED to be in SCOTLAND. Whoops. So now I’m stuck with a HORRIBLE CD with “Total Eclipse of the Heart” on it! Needless to say this is not making me want to keep my Chubbystore open.

Mood: BOOOOO cover bands!