Wednesday, May 5, 2004 – 4:49 pm

Week 4 Recap: Mind Troubles

(Note: Several posts between April 17 and May 5 are missing…)

The past week has been less of a physical struggle than a mental one. Now that I have a couple treatments under my belt, I know what to expect as far as pain goes. What no one can help me with is the mental challenges. I’m constantly tired, zoning out, and unable to focus on anything for more than a few seconds. Working has been very touch-and-go, with some days being dramatically more productive than others. I have discovered that it’s easier for me to focus on one large task rather than several small ones, so I’m going to try to work that out with my boss.

Of course, my hair is gone. I shaved it about 5 days ago when I couldn’t stand the shedding any more. Most people have gotten used to it, though I haven’t quite adjusted (my head is cold). I guess I still look healthy, and I can still pass as a normal person in public for now. We’ll see.

One sixth down, five more months to go!

Mood: Huh?