Wednesday, June 23, 2004 – 10:49 pm


Okay. This clearly proves that my own geekiness will help me overcome this current situation.

Here I am on the eve of medical disability; leaving behind a job I love for three months so that I can concentrate on recovering from what up until this point in my life has been the largest and possibly the most important hurdle in my life…and I’m having a coniption fit over a video game.

But this is IMPORTANT SHIT here, people. I mean, which system do I buy the Megaman Collection for? Gamecube or PS2?

On one hand, the PS2 is the preferable system, which I have invested more money into, and will probably have for many years to come. But the Gamecube version is for Nintendo, which is the original platform that all of these Megaman games were featured on. I think there’s a moral obligation to keep the Blue Bomber (that would be Megaman, for you non-gamers) with the company that made him what he is today, but the PS2 has slightly better features, and I know that the PS3 will support this game when it comes out and I pay several hundred dollars for it.

Like I said, I’m more worried about that right now than anything else. This HAUNTS me. I’m probably going to lose sleep over it, too. Forget the cancer, what about MEGAMAN???

Mood: Situation Normal, All Fucked Up