Wednesday, June 30, 2004 – 4:11 pm

Travis: Now with 75% Less Cancer!

So while the wait for the results wasn’t so much fun, the final word on my CT scan is definitely something worth noting. The Cancer is on the run. The tumours in my lungs are completely gone, and the main tumour (we call him Roy) has shrunk by three quarters. I guess you could call that good news, now couldn’t you? The tumour now measures 23mm by 44mm, which is WAY down from the original 55mm by 80mm. We’re happy about that, for sure.

This new is positive for sure, but not quite as positive as I was hoping. I was really hoping she was going to tell me the cancer was completely gone, instead of reducing in size. This also means that the small hope of only getting 2 more chemo treatments instead of 4 is officially gone.

But really, I should be happy. We should ALL be happy. Right? Why do I feel like this isn’t what I wanted to hear? It’s a lot better than “Sorry, Pal, you got 6 months” isn’t it? I guess preparing for the worst and hoping for the best doesn’t do much for results that are good but not fantastic. Maybe it will just take some time to sink in that this thing may just be in sight of being over. It’s consumed pretty much all aspects of my life, so living without this may take some getting used to.

Mood: Less Cancerous!