Saturday, October 9, 2004 – 2:56 am

Gettin’ Ink Done

Today I had the second major step in the process of going through Radiation Therapy. The first step was the initial meeting with the Radiation Oncologist, who was a very nice man who told me all kinds of scary statistics about how likely I am to die.

The second step had a very nice technologist position me on a bed just so and line me up to a machine with all kinds of “lasers”. Then she scanned me in that somewhat uncomfortable position (sorta lying back with my neck stretched ALL the way back) and I had to hold it while she took a plaster mold of my neck so they can duplicate the exact position later.

Then she tattooed me. Not like a bunny or skull or anything…or even a bunny skull! Just some dots at various points on my body where the “lasers” crossed. These will be used as reference points to position me properly for the treatment.

It was all very interesting. I don’t feel quite as hard core as a biker, but how many bikers get to lie in a room with no shirt on while plaster dries on their chin?

Mood: INKED.