Saturday, July 24, 2004 – 9:28 pm

Aaaannnd we’re back

Now that the page is back on the server where it belongs, I can update the site properly. Sorry for the delay. I even did artwork!:

Nothing much to update anyway. I haven’t left my house in a week and a half – mostly out of choice – except to go to doctor’s appointments and receive the always fun Chemotherapy treatment. This was #6 and has to be the worst one yet. No matter how many different anti-nausea drugs they gave me, I still kept tossing my cookies. They kept telling me that it’s “normal” but I found the whole thing rather demeaning. Out of the 20 other people there, I was the only one making a complete ass out of himself.

Thankfully no throwing up outside the hospital, which leads me to believe that it’s the building rather than the chemotherapy that leads to my digestive pyrotechnics. It’s an amazing thing: mind over body. You’re not actually sick but your mind tells you that you are. I need some sort of defence mechanism against it, but I haven’t thought of anything yet.

Well, two more treatments to go. I know the next one is going to be Hell. No matter how many times I’m told “Just one more after this” it’s not going to help me as I throw up into a garbage can. The last one, no matter how bad, will be bearable. I’m not promising that I won’t have an anxiety attack or anything, but at least I can walk out of there and never have to walk back. I hope.

Let’s just hope this is it. Two more. No more after that. I don’t think I could take it any more than that.

Mood: Worn Out.