Sunday, July 18, 2004 – 11:18 pm

I Demand a Recount!

My post earlier was admittedly written when I was in a particularly bad mood, and perhaps my math was a little hasty. I’m actually well over half-way, and moving into the last quarter rather quickly. See, if you think about it, it’s not 180 days – even though this whole thing was supposed to take “6 months”. If you calculate the time to receive (I honestly cannot spell that word…or weird) and recouperate from each treatment – 21 days – and multiply that by 8 treatments, the actual number of days for this “round” is 168, twelve less than originally calculated.

Now 12 days may not sound like a lot – and it’s really not – but to me it’s two weeks closer to the end of this long dark tunnel I’m in (whine whine, bitch bitch). That means by September 25th, I should start coming around, provided they don’t delay any of my treatments (Go Blood Cell counts!).

That’s still two months away, isn’t it? Oh well. Treatment this week, then just two more to go!

Mood: 103 down, 55 to go!